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Non-trivial dessert catering ideas

Non-trivial dessert catering ideas

Dessert crepe catering in SF Bay Area
Victoria Fomin,
Founder & Operations
Feed'N'Treat is a food truck and catering company on a mission to enrich Silicon Valley food culture with non-trivial European flavors of mouth-watering crepes, waffles and freshly brewed coffee.
Dessert catering just can not be boring and dull. Desserts are carbs and carbs are fun. They stimulate brain activity and peak your productivity. Yes, you may need to have an extra work out later on during the week, but this is something to be covered in a totally different blog post (a.k.a fitness one).

Among ice cream sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies and brownies, today we will be talking about French crepes. Probably not something you have heard before much.

Dessert Crepe Catering is all about experience you are getting, it's a dessert show where you actually see how your dessert is getting made from scratch.

We said it's a show, so let's enjoy it!
The experience you are getting!
Ok, so what is a Dessert Crepe Catering?

Dessert Crepe Catering is not something brought in pre-made and set up in a freezer or a warmer, this is a show! You and your guests will be able to see how a ladle of batter is transformed into a golden circle - a base of a future dessert - and then topped with various toppings from Berry Cheesecake flavors to Homemade lemon curd and Nutella.
Birthday Party
Menlo Park, CA
$6.90 - $11.90 per/person
How much does Dessert Crepe Catering may cost?

Our prices vary from $6.90 to $11.90 per/person depending on the menu you go with and the ordering volume.
As a bonus there is an unforgettable experience, "killing" aroma and, of course, the freshest product possible you are getting.
2-4 mins per/dessert
How long would it take to feed a 50 people party?

It takes 2-4 mins to make 1 crepe. There are factors like equipment quantity, its temperature, size and Chef's skills. We recommend discussing the anticipated number of guests and a timeframe you would like all the desserts to be served ahead of time. That information would be helpful to come up with the necessary pieces of equipment and a number of Chefs needed to make sure all guests are treated in a time frame needed.
Extremely versatile!
How versatile could the Dessert Crepe menu be?

Oh, very! Our menus all in all capture around 10+ various dessert crepe combinations. There are well-balanced menu presets with a diverse options to satisfy different tastes. S'mores so far has been our bestseller this summer. Lemon Drop, Nutella, Berry Cheesecake and more to name a few. There are seasonal Halloween_ish and Thanksgivin_ish flavors coming up such as Cranberry Cheesecake, Apple & Cinnamon and Pumpkin Pie Crepe.
Graduation Party
Milpitas, CA
160 calories per/crepe
How many calories are in 1 dessert?

Our crepe itself is about 160 calories only. Toppings are where the majority of the calories come from, brining the dessert to 350+ calories. So if you feel like not consuming many calories at once - a crepe with various fruit toppings may become a base of your future Dessert Crepe Catering menu.
Definitely can!
Can Dessert Crepes be gluten free or vegan?

The beauty of crepes is that they can be gluten free and vegan to satisfy dietary restrictions. It's all a matter of the ingredients used in a crepe batter mix. There could be an extra cost associated with a special request, so we recommend checking on that ahead of time.

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