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September 30, 2019

Non-trivial dessert catering ideas in SF Bay Area

Victoria Fomin
Founder & Operations
Dessert catering just can not be boring and dull. Desserts are carbs and carbs are fun. They stimulate brain activity and peak your productivity. Yes, you may need to have an extra work out later on during the week, but this is something to be covered in a totally different blog post (a.k.a fitness one).

Among ice cream sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies and brownies, today we will be talking about French crepes. Probably not something you have heard before much.

Dessert Crepe Catering is all about experience you are getting, it's a dessert show where you actually see how your dessert is getting made from scratch.

We said it's a show, so let's enjoy it!
September 22, 2019

How to find a good caterer

Victoria Fomin
Founder & Operations
If you are here and look for advice on how to find a good cater, chances are high you are about to host an event sometime soon. Besides, finding a good caterer there could be things like party invitations, decorations and who knows ... last minute apparel shopping to do.
So let's get straight to the point on how to find a good caterer, so you can cross that out of you list and focus on something more fun!
There are key factors that have to be paid attention to when determining whether the vendor you collaborate with is the "One".
April 30, 2019

We are turning 1!

Victoria Fomin
Founder & Operations
April is our Birthday month!
On April, 30 last year Feed'N'Treat had its very first catering order. Today let's look back to see what we have been able to accomplish during these 365 days.
We would not make it without you! Thank you.
March 19, 2019

A new version of our website

Victoria Fomin
Founder & Operations
We just released a new version of our website, which is fully optimized for comfort usage. The new Feed'N'Treat website adapts to all screen sizes and orientation. The new version also brings you a new way to arrange a catering event and order a delivery.