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How to find a good caterer

How to find a good caterer

5 key points we came up with and adhere daily so our clients can call us a "good caterer"
Victoria Fomin,
Founder & Operations
Feed'N'Treat is a food truck and catering company on a mission to enrich Silicon Valley food culture with non-trivial European flavors of mouth-watering crepes, waffles and freshly brewed coffee.
If you are here and look for advice on how to find a good caterer, chances are high you are about to host an event sometime soon! It could be something like Baby Shower, Engagement Party or just a long-distance family gathering for a Sunday brunch. Besides, finding a good caterer there could be things like party invitations, decorations and who knows ... last minute apparel shopping to do.

So let's get straight to the point on how to find a good caterer, so you can cross that out of you list and focus on something more fun!

There are 5 key factors that have to be paid attention to when determining whether the vendor you collaborate with is the "One".
Dessert Waffle Catering
Netskope Inc.
Santa Clara, CA
Tip 1. Adequate response time mins - 24 hours
Level of responsiveness

Whatever cuisine or type of service you would decide to go with, caterer's adequate responsiveness is a must. 2-3 hours is considered to be an industry standard. If you do not hear back from the vendor (call or email) within 24 hours it's a red flag and moving forward in your search could be a good idea.
Tip 2. Detailed enough, but not overwhelming

First of all there must be one! Even though it's a quote, it does not mean that it should be unclear and vague. What it definitely has to cover is the number of quests the food will be provided for, the types/names of the menu items, price per/person or a meal. Booking process, payment methods, cancellation policy, additional serving time and charges may vary from caterer to caterer, but those definitely to be covered in your specific quote.

Do not hesitate to address your questions ahead of time. There is nothing worse to realize that you've committed to something you are not ok with later on when your party is about to start or when it's on.
Dessert Waffle Catering
Netskope Inc.
Santa Clara, CA
Tip 3. Various payment methods
Payment methods

There are various payment methods you, as a client, should be given - check, cash or a credit card. Sometimes caterers may add a credit card processing fee, if a credit card payment option is chosen. It's about 3% of the quote total amount. Make sure this fee is added only if paid via a credit card.
Tip 4. Full process transparency
Full transparency

What we mean by full transparency is that all extra fees (if any), are mentioned and added to the quote ahead of time. What could they be, you ask? Fuel fee, cleaning fee, credit card fee, gratitudes and etc.

Whatever they are make sure you know them all ahead of time, as only then you can make an informative decision and see whether the quote provided stays within your anticipated budget.
Dessert Waffle Catering
Santa Clara, CA
Tip 5. The company size does not really matter
Small business caterer vs. a big catering company

It does not really matter how big the catering company is. What matters - the above mentioned points: level of caterer's responsiveness, detailed and understandable quote and, of course, the caterer's transparency.
Read Yelp and Google reviews, see how their menu looks like and if you are satisfied with the way the caterer communicates with you - go for it whether it is a small family business or a big catering company.
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