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What you will get

Our goal is to deliver nice & warm food for small and mid-sized companies without numerous 3rd party fees.
That easy!
From the grid to a delivery bag
From the grid to a delivery bag
Literally. Your food is placed in a foil container immediately once cooked. For a double warming effect, the containers are carefully stocked in an insulated delivery bag.
Limited delivery zone
Limited delivery zone
To 10 miles only. We believe that your delivered food should be the exact same quality as if it were ordered in cafe, restaurant.
No 3rd party delivery fees
No 3rd party delivery fees
We really mean it and believe that the total lunch cost should be just a regular lunch plate rate. @feedntreat there are no 3 layer fees added to the total amount brining your mid day intake to a high end restaurant plate rate.
Lunch delivery
No lines, no parking hassle
We deliver exactly what you need, at the time you need it and to the location you need it at. So you can focus on what is important to you.

How easy our delivery service works

Choose your items
We tried not to overwhelm you with choices and keep the menu short and simple, so you can focus on what is important to you, rather than experience the agony of choice.

$250 minimum order
Step 1: Choose your crepes
Place an order
Minimum 24 hours in advance. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards. No credit card fee. No service fee. No delivery fee. No fees at all!

Last minute group meals
Step 2: Place an order
Stay tuned
Once the order is placed we will be right in your Inbox with the order confirmation within a few minutes. If there is still no email confirmation after 5-10 minutes, please check your spam folder, it's likely to be in there.

Check your Inbox
Step 3: Check your Inbox with delivery order confirmation
Well done! There is nothing more to do rather than enjoy and share the experience you had with @feedntreat here or there.

Enjoy and share your experience
Step 4: Enjoy freshly cooked crepes and waffles

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there no delivery fee for real?
Yes, we believe that the total lunch cost should be at a regular lunch plate rate, not a high end restaurant plate rate.
Is a pick up available?
First, since we are mobile it's hard to catch up. Second, it's very unlikely you have a pro-level insulated bag. We prefer to deliver ourselves and be sure that the food is nice and warm. Plus there is no delivery fee, why bother?
Can I order drinks along with my food delivery?
Unlimited soda and water is something you can add to your order. Unfortunately, coffee and tea is not something we can deliver in bulk at this moment.
Are there gluten free, vegan, buckwheat crepes on the menu?
They sure are! Each meal could be made according to your dietary restrictions for additional $0.75 per crepe.
Does the food come with utensils?
Absolutely! It comes with the food-industry standard necessities such as utensils and napkins. If a set up is needed, please let us know that at the time of booking. We would be glad to accommodate. The set up fee may apply.
What is the cancelation policy?
We understand that plans may change, so we there is a 72 hour cancellation policy for a 100% refund. If the order is cancelled within 48 hours, there is a 50% refund, if the order is cancelled within 24 hours, there is, unfortunately, no refund.
Should I tip a delivery man?
This is something up to you. Normally tips are highly appreciated, but are not required.

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