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French Crepes
Made to order very thin melting in your mouth pancake. Depending on the toppings it could be a fulfilling breakfast, non-trivial lunch or mouth watering dessert. Originally comes from Brittany, France and now world-wide famous for its toppings versatility.
Belgian Waffles
Flavorous, soft and airy with a golden crust. Their original name is Brussel Waffles. Here in North America, they are known to be Belgian ones. Whatever called, the unforgettable taste and irresistible aroma remains the same.
Liege Waffles
Imported from Belgium pearl sugar is the secret weapon of our Liege Waffles irresistible taste. The sugar pearls are studded throughout the waffle and give every bite a crunchy, caramelized flavor. Taste-wise, they are thicker, richer and chewier than Belgian ones.
Proudly serve, locally roasted, Tico Coffee Roasters coffee. To name a few - chocolate, vanilla, black cherry flavors coming from Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Peru, Sumatra to Campbell, where roasted and distributed to local shops for you to enjoy on a sleepy morning.

What we do?

Private Party Crepes and Waffles Catering Services and Delivery
Workplace Catering
Lunch Programs, TGIFs, Holiday Parties, Employee Appreciation Days, Milestone Celebrations
Private Parties Crepes and Waffles Catering Services and Delivery
Private Parties
Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Graduation Parties, Birthdays, Holidays
School Events and Parties Crepes and Waffles Catering
School Events
Graduation Parties, Multicultural Festivals, Fundraising Events, Back to School Parties
Community Events Crepes and Waffles Catering
Community Events
Open Houses, Street Fairs, Car Shows, Concerts in the Parks
Wedding Crepes and Waffles Catering
Wedding Catering
Rehearsal Dinners, Late Night Snacks, Brunches
Large Scale Events Crepes and Waffles Catering Services and Delivery
Large-Scale Events
Sporting Events, Music Festivals, Concerts, Marathons and Fun Runs
So, what is a crepe?
It's a made to order very thin melting in your mouth pancake.
What are crepes made from?
The main ingredients are flour, milk, eggs and butter. The rest is considered to be culinary @feedntreat secrets and little hints which we can not disclose, but would be glad to share the unforgettable aroma and taste this mix creates.
How many calories is in one crepe? One dish?
The average crepe itself has 190 calories, which is around 10% of 2000-calorie diet used by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The calorific value of the dish depends on the stuffing you choose. Anywhere between 380 and 650 calories/each.
It is big enough to share?
Tough question to answer. It may be big enough to share, it may be not. It all depends on how hungry you are and what stuffing you go with. For example, the weight of our most popular Chicken Crepe comes to 14 oz.
Are there vegetarian crepes on the menu?
Of course! Veggie Crepe, stuffed with organic fresh spinach, slices of juicy tomatoes and melted Havarti cheese, topped with basil pesto.
What people say about us
They are my most favorite waffle treats in the area! All of the flavors go really well together. I've had their peaches'n'cream & Nutella'n'strawberries waffle. I have been lucky enough to try them a few times and I've ordered their crêpes both savory and sweet!! Again, their flavors are rich and hit the spot, but at the same time it's light and not heavy in your stomach. Make sure you check out where they will be and order both a crêpe and a waffle... it's worth it!
Virginia L.
I had a savory crepe with cheddar cheese, fried egg, and turkey topped with garlic pesto. I highly recommend this combination because it blew me away!
The staff was very nice and I appreciate that they took credit cards. We were at the Bark at the Park event when we had the pleasure of eating here. They had a huge water bowl on the side for the doggos
Would love to try the rest of the menu
Will H.
Loved the Waffles with Dulce de Leche, is just outstanding! The Crepes with spinach, cheese, and mushrooms were also delicious.I can't believe this is "food truck."
The only issue was the waiting... BUT it was totally worth it as they did the food from scratch, so it was fresh and not something just reheated.
Rodolfo V.
Got introduced to feed n treat on Stanford campus. The classic crepe was delicious. Good plentiful amount of mushrooms, ham, cheese wrapped in a doughy cover. The Nutella crepe was a nice after treat as well!
Liz C.
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